3D Printing

3D Printing is the process of transforming the conceptual design into the 3-dimensional design and then to an object with any shape, size, color or geometry. The process starts when a desktop printer melts a plastic material and converts it to moldable layers for desired design or objects. The time of the process depends upon the size and object might need to be post-processed for desired finish or texture.

At Color Splash! We are the first among 3D printing (also acknowledged as addictive manufacturing) companies in India. Our team of expert 3d artist creates appealing designs from a basic conceptual art and makes it printable to the 3D printer. We have been offering our 3D printing services to different industries for Product designing, Schools, Medical (tools and equipment), Home Decorative Accessories, Kids toys and more.

3D Toy Printing
3D Printing for Schools
3D Medical Equipment Printing

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